Taste Lab | Medium Heat Sauces



These small batch hot sauces crafted in New Zealand make great gifts or just to enjoy in your home........if you dare!!

Here is a selection of the 'medium heat sauces' but also check out the 'Really hot' 'mild heat' sauce selection too.

Black Garlic Sriracha:

Rich in wild flavours and heat like a hot February day. This exotic ride will leave you with watery eyes but craving more. Black garlic is slowly cooked for 6 weeks at a magical temperature to bring out flavours you didn’t know existed. We add other classic Asian flavours and ferment it to crank up the funk.  

Heat level:

Once you go black (garlic) you will never go back.

Ingredients: White Vinegar, Red Chilli Peppers, Red Peppers, Sugar, Beetroot, Herbs, Spices, Salt, Xanthian Gum, Natural Flavours, Black Garlic (0.52%). 150ml

Hot Pepper Sauce - Original:

As far as hot sauces go, this fermented, Louisiana style little gem is a solid workhorse. Good for eggs in the morning, that healthy salad you wish you made for lunch and the classic Friday night fish and chips. 

Heat level:

Middle management. Approachable yet should be respected

Ingredients: White Vinegar, Red Chillies, Sugar, Spices, Xanthian Gum, 150ml


Type: Hot Sauce