Taste Lab | Spice Blends &Rubs


Spice things up a bit with these great mixes from Taste Lab

Bull Rush

Grilling steaks, smoking beef ribs or making burgers? Bull Rush is the spice rub for all things beefy! 

Burgers: 20gm per kg of minced beef. 

Everything else: 25-50gm per kg of meat.

Heat level:

Mother Clucker

Al’s Fried Chicken (AFC).

The Colonel doesn't have anything on this...

Heat level:

The Sunday Roast

The Sunday roast is a New Zealand tradition.

Al’s Sunday Roast spice blend is a selection of herbs and spices that will bring a world of flavour to the end of the week.

Use 25-50g of blend for every kilo of meat before you roast it.

Heat level: