Living Light Candles | Room Spray


Enjoy a fresh, instant scent impression with this delicate mist spray which comes in a generous 100ml bottle.

Ingredients: distilled water, fragrance, natural preservatives

Handmade in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Currently available in 5 Fragrances:

Peony Rose - Unashamedly feminine, elegant and sensual, Peony is the heart of this delicate fragrance. With hints of rose, peach and velvety musk, this intoxicating fragrance is sure to be adored.

Scent Family: Soft Floral

Wild Plum - Dancing notes of juicy plum and fresh green leaves whisper in sweet delight that anything is possible.

Scent Family: Fruity/Citrus

Lemon Bergamot - A fresh, instant scent impression with this delicate mist spray.

Scent Family: Fruity/Citrus

Love - Juicy, plump berries laced with sandalwood and spicy white pepper, to celebrate the joy of love.

Scent Family: Oriental 

White Lily - An alluring blend of sweet melon, tuberose, coconut and vanilla, spiced with hints of sandalwood.  

Scent Family: Oriental/Floral


Type: Room spray