Paper Daisy Story | Cocosoy Candles


Hand poured using phathalate-free fragrances, double eco wicks and cocosoy wax, these beautiful candles are created by Paper Daisy Story here in Waimate.

Full of the good stuff, cocosoy wax is natural, non-toxic, allergy friendly and there are no harmful chemicals to worry about when you light these. Just sit back and relax as the scent fills you space.

These candles are in 350ml lidded glass jars and come in a variety of fragrances.

Fragrances available:

  • Raining Roses
  • Crushed Lime & Coconut.

Burn time for this candle is 50+ hours. Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm before lighting it and never burn a candle and leave it unattended. Burn the candle for 4 hours on its first burn to get an even melt pool and it will help the life of the candle.

Type: Candles