Sweet Disorder | Bottles of Giggles


One of my favourite brands!!

Sweet Disorder is a uniquely New Zealand lolly shop that specializes in delicious and fun confectionary gifts and sweet 'remedies' for everyone.

Their mission is to add a dash of fun and a sprinkle of happiness to everyday life and they donate a percentage of every sale to charities that support mental health and wellbeing in NZ.

There's lollies for everyone, whether you want to send a lovely message, support or just be a bit cheeky!!

Here's a small selection of what we have available.:

You're The Best - For those times when someone needs to be reminded just how amazing they are.

Contains NZ made Jersey Caramels.

Hot Flush Formula - A supplement for those time when you are feeling hotter than a Carolina Reaper Chilli.

Contains: Strawberry Rock Candy.

Aroha - For those times when you want to share the warm and fuzzy feelings of love.

Contains: Sour heart gummies

Bear Hugs - A super strength hug formula.

Contains Gummy Bears - May contain Gluten and Soy - Made in Turkey.

Fart Suppressants - A remedy for the suppression of one-off violent farts or for when needing to control longer lasting cases of flatulence.
Contains 175g Sprinkle covered Aniseed Gummies - Dairy and Soy may be present - Gluten Free - Made in New Zealand.


Type: lollies