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One of my favourite brands!!

Sweet Disorder is a uniquely New Zealand lolly shop that specializes in delicious and fun confectionary gifts and sweet 'remedies' for everyone.

Their mission is to add a dash of fun and a sprinkle of happiness to everyday life and they donate a percentage of every sale to charities that support mental health and wellbeing in NZ.


There's lollies for everyone, whether you want to send a lovely message, support or just be a bit cheeky!!

Here's a small selection of what we have available.:

Mother Like No Other - A unique formulation for those times when full appreciation and love for the most awesome Mum needs to be shown.

Contains: sour Peach Heart Candy

Sweet As Bro MixHelps you to appreciate when life is generally relaxed and cool. A.K.A. No problem. Great. Fine. All good. Thanks.
Contains New Zealand made Mixed Toffees - Contains milk and barley.

Canned HugsFor those times when you really want to share a big hug with someone.  Contains sour gummy fruit rings. - May contain gluten and soy.

Thanks A Million  - For those times when you want to show your appreciation and tell someone how truly thankful you are.  Contains 120g Chocolate Coins and a single chocolate heart. May contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds - May contain traces of Gluten





Type: lollies