Wyld | Jersey


This Unisex Jersey has a relaxed shoulder with ribbed stitching down the sleeve, with a ribbed neck, cuff and ribbed hem. Beautifully soft, warm and comfortable - absolutely no wool itch factor!!!

The detailing is simplistic but smart.

Made in New Zealand, organically grown and scoured

50% Pihepe, 25% Merino, 25% Possum

Sizing is generous (mens sizing) for a relaxed fit.

Care instructions: Cool gentle hand wash with wool detergent. Wring dry in a towel. Tumble dry on warm setting to bring back to shape if required.



Pitt Island Wild Sheep, named Pihepe, originate from Saxony Merinos. They were sent to Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands off the East coast of New Zealand in 1841 by Baron von Alsdorf. In 1843, Frederick Hunt was the first person to farm them on Pitt Island.

They have now been thriving in this challenging environment, untouched by man since then. Lying 12 miles SE of Chatham Islands, Pitt Island is as far away from crowded cities as you can get. It is the most Southern and Eastern inhabited island in the world.

Type: jersey